RoyalQ Trading Bot Clone Developement

Fintech programmers helps traders development a more advance Trading Bot then RoyalQ that will help traders grow their crypto investments using a feature-rich terminal and proven automated bots that operate major trading exchanges in the market like Binance, Coinbase Pro and Huobi. These bots help to automatically analyze and interpret market statistics.

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Features of Royal Q Trading Bot

Smart Tracking (AI)

It is a powerful and intelligent algorithm designed to provide intelligent trading tracking, powerful data analysis to create consistent operating strategies.

24/7 Maximum Time

The Royal Q Trading Bot never sleeps, The bot will analyze the market 24/7 and execute trades instantly for profit.

Real Time Strategy

RoyalQ Trading Bot will take you safely and profitably with bulls or bears of any market. Fits a variety of real-time situations, using endless trading styles!


We take security very important, and ensure that Your funds are securely locked in your own account in exchange, third parties have no access.

Additional Benefits Incorporates In Our RoyalQ Bot Clone Services

DCA Bots

A DCA (or "Dollar Cost Averaging") strategy is the practice of investing into a currency at preset intervals to reduce the entry price of a position over time and mitigate volatility risk.


GRID bot helps you to automatically take profit with little effort. Simply choose a coin and initial investment, and the bot will buy when the price drops and sell when it rises.


Here, at Fintech Programmers we’ve built our reputation with proven trading bots for DCA, Grid, Options, and Futures, and now we’re adding a HODL bot to your toolbox.

Quantitative Analysis

The bot we build applies a more advance quantitative analysis and the martingale system to double up profits.